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The little stuffed owls I gave my friends for their nursery.

As I browsed the vast community of Pinterest a few weeks ago, I ran across several pins leading to a tutorial on how to make little stuffed owls. Owls have gained popularity in the last few years. I seem to find them everywhere. Several friends of mine collect owl trinkets. Since I have nothing against owls and agree they have a cuteness about them, I decided to try out the tutorial. A friend of mine and her husband expect to add their first child to their family in late October. I made my first batch of little stuffed owls to go in their nursery.

My first attempt turned out slightly less puffy than I wanted with a little squarish beak. I have named him Pig, after Ron Weasley’s little owl Pigwidgeon from the Harry Potter series. I came up with progressively better results throughout the evening. I gave the next three owls I made to my friends for their nursery (see top photo).

For the tutorial on how to make these adorable little creatures, head over to the EfemeraInk blog. Note: I had a little difficulty in making my first pattern. I ended up making my pieces with 45 and 90 degree angles.