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My husband grew up reading the classic comic Calvin and Hobbes, where a six-year-old boy (Calvin) has adventures with his stuffed tiger (Hobbes). Hobbes turns into a real tiger when other people aren’t around. I have also come to appreciate the escapades of this mischievous duo over the past couple of years.

My version of Hobbes.

When a friend of mine posted a link to a crochet pattern of Hobbes on Pinterest, I just had to make one for my hubby. This project has taken me much longer than any other due to the color changes every two rows for the stripes. While satisfied with the way he turned out, I think I will wait a while before attempting another pattern with so many stripes!

For all my readers who can crochet, check out the pattern on Sukgirl’s blog. I decided to leave off the two stripes on top of Hobbes’s head and use buttons for his eyes as I did not have any black felt.  My husband seems pleased with the results, and I hope my readers feel the same way. Happy crafting, my Friends!