Oh yeah, we had a baby. This explains why I haven’t blogged lately.

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My not-so-little boy finally made his appearance in this world a week ago today, 15 days after his due date. The last five weeks really tested my patience as I saw one friend enjoy her baby (born one week early) and another have her baby (one day overdue). I anxiously wanted my turn to come. Once I hit full-term at 37 weeks I could not wait to meet my baby and start to get to know the little person my husband and I had created. Everyone I knew also started constantly checking in with me for updates. With nothing to report, I became frustrated with the waiting. My midwife finally decided to have me induced at 42 weeks.

After weeks of waiting and changed plans, I could not wait to get to the hospital last week. I originally planned on a natural delivery at the birth center (not hospital). At…

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