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After watching several videos about capsule wardrobes (especially Project 333 ones) this summer, I decided to create my first capsule wardrobe for the fall. I plan on using the Project 333 guidelines: 33 items for 3 months. I already know I will bend several of the rules since I don’t have the best starting wardrobe (hello postpartum body). When I gave birth more than a year ago, I ended up having a completely different shape. My maternity and most of my pre-pregnancy clothes no longer fit. I haven’t had a lot of money to invest in new clothes, so my starting capsule is a bit of a hodge podge of clothes. I have also spent time this past year figuring out my style and what flatters my new body shape. I think I have reached a good point to try out a capsule wardrobe.

Hat, cowl, and mittens I made for fall.

Hat, cowl, and mittens I made for fall.

Included in my capsule wardrobe:

  1. Floral infinity scarf
  2. Striped scarf
  3. Grey cowl scarf
  4. Medium blue midi dress
  5. Dark blue shorter dress
  6. Blue skirt
  7. Grey pleated skirt
  8. Dark wash straight leg jean
  9. Dark wash straight leg jean
  10. Medium wash slightly flared jean
  11. Navy slacks
  12. Dark blue shorts
  13. Cream cardigan
  14. Purple cardigan
  15. Dark grey sweater
  16. Navy and white striped sweater
  17. Purple and grey plaid shirt
  18. Cream short sleeve cardigan
  19. Navy tiered tank top
  20. Navy and white patterned tank top
  21. Teal tank top with embroidery
  22. Dark green top
  23. Navy v-neck top with lace panel in back
  24. Navy v-neck top with purple flower pattern
  25. Purple t-shirt
  26. Green and white top
  27. Navy belt
  28. Brown boots
  29. Dark blue flats
  30. Grey cabled hat

Things I did not include in my capsule:

  1. Jewelry–I sell jewelry for Premier Designs, Inc. as a side business. Wearing my inventory is part of my job.
  2. Work out/lounge clothes–I have a pair of work out shorts, a pair of leggings, a few t-shirts, and a pair of sneakers I wear on my walks and around the house.
  3. Purses/bags– I only have one purse and my son’s diaper bag. These do not make up part of my outfits.
  4. Outerwear–I only have one jacket and one trench coat. These also do not make up part of my outfit.
  5. Mittens/gloves–I only have one pair of mittens for fall/spring and one pair for winter/snowy weather.

I purposefully left three items open because I have a few items I want to get tailored, or I will add in some new pieces. I will probably end up switching out some items, such as the shorts and the cream short sleeve cardigan. I included these because we still get summer weather during the first half of October. A few pieces in my wardrobe will most likely get replaced as the season goes on as they have started to wear out or pill.

For inspiration check out:

  • The Project 333
  • My Green Closet (Some of her videos appear on The Project 333 website, but her YouTube channel has other great content.)
  • Light by CoCo (Another great YouTube channel about simplified lifestyle.)