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I want to give an update about my first capsule wardrobe, which I started wearing around three months ago. I learned several things about my own personal style during this experiment. I did fall into a bit of a uniform when the weather became consistently cooler. As a work-at-home mom, I rarely need to wear business clothes. This means I wear jeans most days. Since I still breastfeed my son, I also didn’t get to wear my dresses very often or only wore them for part of the day.

About half-way through the season, I had the chance to order some clothes through Schoola for free. (Disclaimer: I have received no compensation from Schoola for a review. I received a referral code from a friend.) Schoola accepts donations of women’s and children’s clothes and sells them. The site donates a portion of every sale to schools chosen by the people doing the donating. While I did get a few items for my fall and maternity wardrobes, I probably won’t order from the site again. I have a difficult time ordering clothes online, and Schoola does not include measurements of the pieces it sells.

I made more changes to my wardrobe than I originally expected, due in part to the clothes I ordered from Schoola. I discovered I really like wearing plain shirts with a cardigan vs. a pullover sweater. I get warm easily, so I usually end up taking off warmer layers at several points throughout the day. I have listed below the changes and additions I made to my capsule wardrobe this season.

  1. Floral infinity scarf
  2. Striped scarf
  3. Grey cowl scarf
  4. Medium blue midi dress
  5. Dark blue shorter dress (This dress is just too short and low-cut for my comfort. I plan on donating it.)
  6. Blue skirt (This skirt never fit me very well. I bought it at a yard sale to fill a whole in my closet. I donated it to Schoola and replaced it with a navy pencil skirt.)
  7. Grey pleated skirt
  8. Dark wash straight leg jean
  9. Dark wash straight leg jean
  10. Medium wash slightly flared jean (These don’t fit. I donated them and replaced them with a floral skirt I got from Schoola.)
  11. Navy slacks
  12. Dark blue shorts
  13. Cream cardigan
  14. Purple cardigan
  15. Dark grey sweater
  16. Navy and white striped sweater (I prefer cardigans. I replaced this piece with a teal long sleeved shirt from Schoola.)
  17. Purple and grey plaid shirt
  18. Cream short sleeve cardigan
  19. Navy tiered tank top
  20. Navy and white patterned tank top
  21. Teal tank top with embroidery
  22. Dark green top
  23. Navy v-neck top with lace panel in back
  24. Navy v-neck top with purple flower pattern
  25. Purple t-shirt (This piece started pilling before I even put together this capsule. I replaced it with an organic cotton, navy t-shirt.)
  26. Green and white top
  27. Navy belt
  28. Brown boots
  29. Dark blue flats
  30. Grey cabled hat
  31. Brown sneakers (I replaced my athletic shoes with these and ended up wearing these shoes so much, I decided to include them in my capsule.)
  32. Lilac scarf (I bought this piece with money I received for my birthday.)
  33. Grey 3/4 sleeve cardigan or navy cardigan with embroidery (I originally added a 3/4 cardigan when the weather stayed a bit warmer, but I don’t know if I want to keep it. I also found a navy cardigan with embroidery I’m still trying out with the rest of my capsule.)

I plan on using the next couple of weeks to work out my winter wardrobe. I have certainly put away the blue shorts and short-sleeved cardigan until spring. I altered one of the dresses I didn’t include in this capsule wardrobe and plan to include it. I also plan on purchasing a skirt I have saved up for to replace the navy pencil skirt I received from Schoola. I didn’t realize it was a pencil skirt until I received it in the mail, and (while it does fit) it’s just not my style.

Have any of you ever considered trying out a capsule wardrobe? If so, I would recommend jumping in and joining me for the winter season.