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Earlier this week, I came across this post about wardrobe challenges to take to create a more efficient wardrobe. I just completed my first Project 333 capsule wardrobe (read my other posts about it here and here). The 7×7 Remix Challenge appealed to me for several reasons:

  1. It only requires about a week of my time.
  2. It will encourage me to stretch my creativity.
  3. It will probably help me come up with new outfits from my wardrobe.
  4. It will help me transition into a new Project 333 season.
  5. It will make packing for my trip this next week a breeze.

I plan on using clothes I have picked out for my winter capsule wardrobe. I want to experiment with some new items and one of my favorite dresses, which I have had for a while but did not include in my fall capsule wardrobe. The accessories and shoes I will use for this challenge will also be from my winter capsule wardrobe. I will start the challenge tomorrow (Sunday) and share my outfits after I get back from visiting my hubby’s family. Here is a list of the clothes for this 7×7 Remix:


  • Cream dress with abstract floral pattern
  • Dark wash, straight leg jean
  • Cream cabled sweater
  • Navy crew neck t-shirt
  • Silky emerald top with a crew neck
  • Teal short-sleeved top with a crew neck
  • Teal long-sleeved t-shirt

You can read more about the 7×7 Remix Challenge here. If you plan on doing the challenge, please leave me a comment. I would love to see the outfits you come up with!