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Stuart shows his excitement about watching Mommy do this challenge.

First, let me say sorry this post took so long to get up. I forgot to take photos when we traveled, even though I made sure I took my camera along for this project. Then, when we got home, I spent pretty much every spare moment for two weeks working on editing projects. I finally managed to take photos of the rest of my outfits today.


Second, I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. We have had the usual nasty winter weather this January, so that means I had to take my photos either in the bathroom or a dimly lit hallway. This post will mostly contain photos because they are the best way to show how I put together my outfits. I included multiple photos of a couple of outfits to showcase how a belted cardigan can completely change the outfit (and because it was really cold that week and I didn’t want the cardigan to show up in every photo).Without further ado, check out my seven outfits:


Dress and cream cardigan accessorized with blue flats, sapphire earrings, and blue bead necklace.


Dark wash jean and navy crew neck t-shirt accessorized with striped scarf and grey pearl stud earrings.


Dark wash jean and teal long-sleeved shirt accessorized with brown sneakers, striped scarf, navy belt, and grey cabled hat.


Dark wash jean, emerald top, and cardigan accessorized with brown sneakers and grey pearl stud earrings.


Teal short-sleeved top, dress, and cream cardigan accessorized with navy leggings, brown boots, and grey pearl stud earrings.