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One of the reasons I quit the direct sales business, which I didn’t include in my earlier post, is because hubby and I started our own book flipping business. Well, it isn’t exactly our business. We find, fill out the sale information (ISBN, price, etc.), and ship the books for another person who takes care of the business stuff for us. This has allowed hubby to quit his second job and spend more time at home. We have also gone a couple of road trips to library sales during the past couple of months.

So far, we have made back the money we spent on inventory. If our books sell at a somewhat constant rate, we will make more money doing fewer hours of work than what hubby spent working away from home at his second job. I think hubby likes getting to choose his own hours and where we go to find books. This work also satisfies a part of him which longs for spontaneity.

For example: Around two weeks ago, he said, “There’s a book sale in Indy (Indianapolis for you non-Hoosiers) tomorrow. Let’s go!” And, we did go. He also arranged for his parents to meet us at the book sale and spend time with our son. This allowed me to try my hand at scouting the children’s section for books to sell. Overall, it was a great experience, and we came home with a large inventory of books.

One potential downside to this work: It becomes very tempting to add to our personal library. My friends and family know I really love books. I enjoy spending the bulk of my free time reading. As a teenager, I spent most of my allowance on books and could read a book each day. I love having books in the house and want my son and (hopefully) any future children to have access to good books. I realize I could just go to the library and check out books. However, the library doesn’t always have the book I want, or someone has already checked it out (I’ve been on the waiting list for “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” for six months now).

Books are my weakness when it comes to minimalism. I have accepted that. Hubby and I have set a budget on how much I can spend at book sales each month to expand our personal library. I also consistently go through our collection of books and choose ones to donate or pass along to friends.

For now, I enjoy reading to my toddler and friends’ daughter. They both enthusiastically say, “Up!” to get picked up an choose a picture book from our shelves. (We’re working on getting them to say, “Book!”) I also enjoy having hubby home more during the week. I look forward to many more book scouting road trips.