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I recently realized I never gave an update on March’s Shop Your Wardrobe Challenge. In a way, I did succeed: I didn’t buy any clothes in March. However, I did not keep up with the daily prompts of the challenge. Shortly after I posted about the challenge, Hubby and I found out I’m pregnant with baby #2 (due Nov. 1). While I don’t have the sickness as bad this time around, I feel very fatigued all the time. I just did not feel motivated to keep up with the Shop Your Wardrobe Challenge prompts. I’ve definitely taken to just wearing my lounge wear more often because I stay home more these days.

I do plan on keeping up with my capsule wardrobes. I will probably become even more flexible with the Project 333 rules as I will need to swap out items and experiment with my maternity clothes. (I’m currently at that awkward stage where my regular jeans are uncomfortable, but my bump isn’t big enough to keep up my maternity jeans. I now understand the appeal of leggings as pants.) I will probably post an update about my capsule wardrobe when I switch to just maternity clothes.

Did any of you do the Shop Your Wardrobe Challenge?