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Shortly before I started the reading challenge with my friends back in January, I decided to keep a reading journal. I thought it would prove useful for the book club I joined last year, which only meets five times a year (Jan, March, May, Sept, and Nov). I often finish the book way ahead of time and forget the thoughts I had about it by the time we meet. The reading journal also comes in handy with the book club I started to go with the reading challenge.

I certainly don’t record every book I read. If I did, I would have filled my journal by now. I typically go through one or two books each week. Honestly, a large portion of books I read don’t have much depth to them. They provide a wonderful little oasis in the midst of mommy duties, housework, and life’s constant demands. My introverted self need the escape as a way to unwind before bed. These books fulfill that purpose, but they also don’t serve to teach me much nor do they delve deeply into literary themes. So, I mainly use my journal for the reading challenge and my other book club.

I downloaded and printed the free template for subscribers to Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog. (She also puts together the categories for the reading challenge.) I put the pages in a small, pretty binder I ordered from Amazon. So far, I feel completely satisfied with my reading journal.

If any of you keep a reading journal, please leave a comment about which one you use.