I haven’t done a post about just pregnancy stuff, so I thought I would compare and contrast this pregnancy to my first one. Most of the differences I have experienced so far have been subtle, except for the nausea. The nausea has been at least five times better this time around.


  1. Sick. All. The. Time. I could barely move from bed to bathroom to couch. My sickness lasted well into my second trimester. I threw up every day before going to bed.
  2. Mostly managed through regular eating. I threw up most mornings before breakfast, but I seem to be past the sickness phase now.


  1. Peaches & chocolate cake donuts
  2. Fried chicken & chocolate chip cookies

Due Date

  1. July 17
  2. Nov. 1


  1. I lost 25 lbs then gained it back by my delivery date. I think I may have gained about 5 lbs on top of that.
  2. I lost around 10 lbs during my first trimester. I think I gained 2 back. I had a lower starting weight and didn’t lose my appetite as much.


  1. Failed my 1 hour glucose test but passed the 3 hour glucose test. No other complications until delivery.
  2. Failed my 1 hour glucose test. I get the results from the 2 hour test next week. I also have low (hyperactive) thyroid and have to see a specialist.

Maternity Clothes

  1. I don’t remember exactly when I switched, but it was after the half-way point. Since I lost so much weight, my pre-pregnancy clothes fit through most of my pregnancy.
  2. I switched to my maternity shorts last month, but my regular jeans still fit. I also recently switched to my maternity shirts and pulled out some of my loose-fitting skirts and dresses earlier this month.


  1. I went two weeks overdue, had to be induced, and had a c-section.
  2. Definitely more cramping this time around. My legs also tingle when I try to sleep. I also don’t sleep well. My chances of having another c-section are pretty much 50/50 right now.

Hubby and I should get to find out the gender of this baby in late June. We did find out the gender with our first baby and tried to keep it a secret until my family baby shower. I did slip up with pronouns a couple of times. We wanted to keep it a secret so we wouldn’t get a bunch of gender specific items when we planned on having more than one child. Hubby thinks this baby is another boy. After feeling strongly I was having a girl the first time around, I don’t really have an opinion this time. We will be happy with either a girl or a boy.