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I have now fully switched over to my maternity clothes and other clothes I wore during my last pregnancy. I added a few maternity items, such as a new pair of shorts and a top my aunt found for me at a garage sale. I also switched out my jewelry to match this capsule. I already owned most of the jewelry I added for this capsule. Hubby gave me the orchid necklace for an anniversary present. As always, items in bold carried over from previous capsule wardrobes.

  1. Magenta tunic dress
  2. Cream dress with floral pattern
  3. Red dress
  4. Pink and purple floral skirt
  5. Black skirt
  6. Denim shorts (maternity)
  7. Khaki shorts (maternity)
  8. Cream short-sleeved cardigan
  9. Black short-sleeved cardigan (maternity)
  10. Navy t-shirt (maternity)
  11. Black and white striped top (maternity)
  12. Green and white striped top (maternity)
  13. Green top with white stars
  14. Pink top (maternity)
  15. Black and gingham top (maternity)
  16. Brown skinny belt
  17. Navy belt
  18. Blue flats
  19. Black sandals
  20. Brown Sneakers
  21. White pearl drop earrings
  22. Black dangle earrings
  23. Diamond stud earrings
  24. Peacock necklace
  25. Eclectic necklace
  26. Orchid necklace
  27. Gold heart necklace
  28. Striped scarf
  29. Floral scarf

If the weather gets cooler toward the end of September, I will probably switch out a pair of shorts for a pair of jeans and add a jacket. I plan on replacing my sneakers, which have worn down in the soles. My magenta dress may not fit the entire season, so I may switch that out for something else eventually. Since I stay home with my son and babysit a little girl, I don’t need to have business clothes in my capsule. Please, leave a comment if you have any questions or requests for posts about my capsule wardrobes, selection process, etc.