October has arrived, and with it starts a new season of Project 333. I made several changes to my summer capsule wardrobe. I mostly changed out my jewelry when I received some new jewelry for free when I hosted a jewelry show in July. This actually turned out to benefit me in unexpected ways. I ordered long necklaces from the jewelry party, and these have regularly entertained my toddler during church services for several minutes at a time. I can even use one of the necklaces as a belt. This capsule wardrobe will probably see several changes because the weather starts out in the 80s and cools off into snow weather. I also don’t have many fall maternity pieces and plan to experiment a little this season.

I plan to breastfeed my baby and won’t have many opportunities to wear my dresses after baby #2 arrives around Nov. 1. I replaced my black sandals with a pair of black dress shoes and my brown sneakers with a grey pair. Both of these shoes just got too worn out and needed to be replaced. I may switch out my maternity pants for regular pants and leggings and swap my maternity shirts for regular ones before the season ends. I decided not to include jewelry in this capsule because I have to include so many transitional pieces and layers. Here is what I’m starting with (as always, items in bold carried over from previous capsule wardrobes):

  1. Teal dress
  2. Grey dress
  3. Cream dress with floral pattern
  4. Pink and purple floral skirt
  5. Black skirt
  6. Denim shorts (maternity)
  7. Jeans (maternity)
  8. Grey pants (maternity)
  9. Navy jacket
  10. Trench coat
  11. Navy cardigan
  12. Grey cardigan
  13. Black short-sleeved cardigan (maternity)
  14. Tan and black sleeveless top (maternity)
  15. Navy t-shirt (maternity)
  16. Black and white striped top (maternity)
  17. Pink top (maternity)
  18. Black and gingham top (maternity)
  19. Purple top (maternity)
  20. Floral top
  21. Burgundy long sleeved top (maternity)
  22. Navy belt
  23. Blue flats
  24. Black wedges
  25. Grey sneakers
  26. Brown boots
  27. Stiped scarf
  28. Purple floral scarf
  29. Red and blue floral scarf
  30. Grey cabled hat

Let me know if any of you are interested in learning which items I decide to get rid of throughout the season. Sometimes, a piece just doesn’t fit in well with the rest of my capsule wardrobe or doesn’t fit well anymore (bodies change during and after pregnancy). I’m also still discovering my personal style. I hope some of you will try out a capsule wardrobe this season, and let me know if you do.