I just realized I have dressed with a capsule wardrobe for more than a year now. I started this journey last fall after researching capsule wardrobes. I originally intended to use capsule wardrobes to further discover my style and minimize my closet. While I did accomplish this goal to some degree, I feel like I still have more to do in these areas. The limited availability of maternity clothes contributed to this immensely. I also think my body will change yet again after I have this baby.

Here are some things I did learn:

  • I don’t really like the way infinity scarves look on me. I think they make my face look rounder and my torso shorter.
  • I prefer cardigans to sweaters.
  • I really like the way grey pants look on me. In desperation, I bought a pair of grey maternity pants at the thrift store and discovered I really like them.
  • I don’t like black clothes. They don’t really work for my skin tone and coloring.
  • It’s hard to find a good pair of navy or grey shoes. Most shoes come in black or brown, which makes finding shoes to match the clothes in my capsules difficult.
  • I like fall/winter clothes much more than summer clothes. I like the darker colors, scarves, and cardigans. (I have a hard time resisting the urge to buy scarves and cardigans at garage sales and thrift stores.)

Goals for the next year:

  • Pare down my wardrobe to the point where I can include jewelry in my fall and winter capsule wardrobes.
  • Support more ethical and sustainable brands.
  • Make more mindful purchases for my capsules. (I usually buy something close to what I want at the thrift store because of the cheap price. Then, I end up donating it a couple of months later. This prevents me from investing in the higher quality items I actually want.)