This is probably the most difficult capsule wardrobe I’ve put together so far, probably because I’m in the awkward stage where most pants with buttons and zippers are uncomfortable to wear and I don’t have a baby belly to hold up my maternity pants anymore. I refuse to give into the trend of wearing leggings as pants outside the house. 1) I think I’m too curvy and too short to pull of this trend, 2) I have a spandex allergy which makes finding leggings nearly impossible, and 3) I have a muffin top from two pregnancies which  no one wants to see, except for for Hubby (who will always think I’m beautiful). As the weather has cooled off significantly in the Midwest, this severely limits my options. I hope my body will change/heal more from my c-section as the season goes on so I can go back to my sort of uniform of jeans, a top, and a cardigan.

Here is what I have included in my capsule wardrobe so far, with items in bold carrying over from previous capsule wardrobes:

  1. Striped scarf
  2. Red and blue floral scarf
  3. Cobalt blue silk scarf
  4. Grey cowl scarf
  5. Grey cable hat
  6. Trench coat
  7. Blue winter coat (this is actually the same coat I had last year)
  8. Navy skirt
  9. White skirt with paisley-ish pattern
  10. Dark wash straight leg jean
  11. Dark wash jean
  12. Navy leggings
  13. Navy cardigan
  14. Grey cardigan
  15. Dark grey sweater
  16. Teal 3/4 sleeve sweater
  17. Blue and green plaid shirt
  18. Dark blue button down shirt
  19. Navy and white long-sleeved shirt
  20. Teal long-sleeved shirt
  21. Navy t-shirt (organic cotton)
  22. Navy t-shirt
  23. Grey t-shirt
  24. Navy short-sleeved top with striped detail
  25. Teal top
  26. Navy tiered tank
  27. Navy belt
  28. Brown boots
  29. Dark blue flats
  30. Black wedges
  31. Grey sneakers

I plan on adding either another pair of pants or another shirt. I may also add in a skirt I have from a previous capsule wardrobe. When I switched over to my maternity clothes, I significantly pared down my wardrobe because some of my clothes didn’t quite fit right or had started pilling. I wanted to start with a good base when I started fitting into non-maternity clothes again.

I will probably swap out my coats for a lighter jacket and a pair of shorts and exchange my sweaters for a sleeveless top toward the end of the season. We can get some warm weather here in March, and I tend to be flexible with my capsule at the beginning and end of the season when the weather changes. This also gives me a chance to try out my wardrobe to make sure everything works well together.

I didn’t include jewelry in this capsule wardrobe, even though I plan on wearing jewelry. It’s very difficult to include this category in the colder months because I need to dedicate so many items to warmth and layering. However, I was able to include my coats this winter, which I couldn’t do last year. I see this as progress in paring down my wardrobe. More than 70% of this capsule wardrobe carried over from previous ones.