I have seriously procrastinated on writing this post. Our home buying journey started in August of 2016. At that point, we had a small down payment saved up. My hubby and I were not too serious about buying a house as baby #2 was due in early November. (I haven’t posted about his arrival yet, either.) We found a house we really liked and even had an offer accepted on it in September. However, a few pricey repairs came up in the inspection which caused us to withdraw our offer. We decided to wait until after the baby was born to start looking again.

15000206_10210921069568004_6800210323327572351_oBaby #2 arrived via scheduled cesarean during the first week of November. I wanted to try for a vaginal delivery after having a cesarean the first time (read about that here), but I just didn’t really show any signs of going into labor. This had some benefits, such as being able to have my out of state in-laws come stay with my toddler while I had to stay at the hospital. My husband once again wrote an awesome birth announcement: Baby Boy #2 “was brought, screaming, into this world at 10:01 AM precisely, exactly as he dictated. Viceroy Supreme Marshall, Ruler of Many Lands, Executor of the Grand Manifesto of World Domination, will be formally bestowed with title, land, and mandate by Supreme Emperor Brother, once Stuart arises from his nap. Viceroy Supreme Marshall bids all well wishers to kneel before him on the morrow.”

About a week after baby #2’s entrance into the world (and while he was still on paternity leave), hubby started looking at houses on his own. He took photos and videos for me to look at to decide which houses were worth actually visiting. The house we settled on is definitely a fixer-upper. It needs renovations in pretty much every spot of the house, but it comes with a solid foundation and a decent location within walking distance of an elementary school, middle school, and high school.

We hesitated about telling people about this house after the first one fell through. My postpartum check up ended up being on the same day as our closing day. Six weeks later, we finally finished the house enough to move in. My husband started with gutting the bedrooms, updating the wiring in the bedrooms, building out and insulating the exterior walls, and hanging drywall. He also insulated the attic. Several friends helped us through the process, but we have still been camping out in the living room for the first week while hubby and some friends have sanded, primed, and painted the bedrooms. We hope to finish them tomorrow and finally move out of the living room. Our next major project involves completely renovating the bathroom.