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Spring has arrived here in the Midwest. We had one day of perfect weather followed by several days of rain two weeks ago. This just serves as a reminder to include a wide variety of clothes in my spring capsule wardrobe. Nursing my baby is still going well, so I won’t be including any dresses this season. The weather usually starts out as cold and rainy (with the possibility of snow today) and transitions to consistently hot weather. I will probably have to swap out some items as the season goes on, such as exchanging my winter coat and a pair of pants for shorts and/or skirts. Here is what I will start the season with (as always, items in bold carried over from previous capsule wardrobes):

  1. Red and blue floral scarf
  2. Grey cable hat
  3. Trench coat
  4. Blue winter coat
  5. Navy jacket
  6. Navy skirt
  7. White skirt with paisley-ish pattern
  8. Dark wash straight leg jean (these are wearing out and need to be replaced)
  9. Dark wash jean
  10. Wine-colored jeans
  11. Denim shorts
  12. Navy cardigan
  13. Grey cardigan
  14. Navy short-sleeved cardigan
  15. Navy and white long-sleeved shirt
  16. Navy t-shirt (organic cotton)
  17. Navy t-shirt
  18. Grey t-shirt
  19. Navy short-sleeved top with striped detail
  20. Teal top
  21. Navy tiered tank
  22. Navy belt (repurchased)
  23. Brown boots
  24. Dark blue flats (these are also wearing out and need to be replaced)
  25. Black wedges
  26. Grey sneakers

I plan on looking for a few lighter weight shirts for late spring/summer because a couple of my short sleeved shirts are a sweater+like material. I would also like to find another pair of shorts and/or a casual skirt.