It is time for another capsule wardrobe! As always, I mostly follow the project 333 rules. I don’t plan on having any outerwear this season, so I think I will include jewelry this time around. I will not include the rings I wear every day in the count. I may add in more of my jewelry to my capsule. I plan on experimenting with wearing dresses over shorts to see how that works with breastfeeding. I hope to find another pair of shorts, more summery tops, and a pair of sandals. Here is what I have so far (items in bold have carried over from previous capsule wardrobes):

  1. Navy skirt
  2. White skirt with paisley-ish pattern
  3. Floral skirt (this is an old one I couldn’t wear while pregnant)
  4. Black and white skirt
  5. Dark wash jean
  6. Denim shorts
  7. Navy cardigan
  8. Navy short-sleeved cardigan
  9. Navy t-shirt (organic cotton)
  10. Navy t-shirt
  11. Grey t-shirt
  12. Blue shirt with swirly pattern
  13. Patterned shirt with empire waist
  14. Teal t-shirt (I actually got bleach on this shirt and may put it with lounge wear)
  15. Navy tiered tank
  16. Navy belt
  17. Dark blue flats (these are wearing out and need to be replaced)
  18. Black wedges
  19. Grey sneakers
  20. Silver links necklace
  21. Floral statement necklace
  22. Gold dainty necklace
  23. Peacock necklace
  24. Long gold necklace
  25. Navy charm bracelet
  26. Diamond stud earrings
  27. Grey pearl stud earrings
  28. Sapphire stud earrings

I start a new part time job next week with a company shirt I have to wear during my shifts. I don’t know if this will affect my capsule wardrobe at all. Let me know if any of you do a capsule wardrobe as well.