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I skipped my fall capsule wardrobe this year. My job and kids have kept me very busy for the past six months. I tried to sit down a few times and write a post about my fall capsule wardrobe. In the past couple of weeks, I came to the conclusion I don’t need to post about my capsule wardrobes anymore. I feel content with the clothes and accessories I have. Working with the Project 333 guidelines helped me trim down my closet and start to discover my style. However, I don’t need to concentrate on numbers so much anymore.

My wardrobe does not fit perfectly within the guidelines. I like to try to choose pieces for my wardrobe I can wear for at least half of the year, so I always find myself with more than 33 items in the cooler months when I add in my layering pieces. The Midwest also has variable seasons, which means I always had to include “just in case items.”

For example, the fall usually starts out with shorts and sandals and ends with winter gear. We have experienced 70 degree days in December and February. April can start with ice storms or balmy conditions. All of this fluctuation in weather means I keep all of my clothes in my closet year-round.

I may eventually share more of my wardrobe in general, such as my jewelry box or scarf collection. For now, I will use my blog to focus on other areas of my life. Feel free to leave a comment if you have content ideas.